One of the disadvantages of living in the boondocks is that it takes longer for technology to reach our neck of the woods. I live in the fringes of Sta. Rosa, Laguna and one of the frustrations I have in living in this place is the lack of a decent internet access. I do have access to dial-up internet but everyone knows that most modern online services requires something faster than the 56K speed achievable on a modem. I can’t view YouTube videos, I can’t do **ehem** BitTorrents, I can’t even do simple software updates for my spanking brand new MacBook!

Speaking of the MacBook, lack of DSL service in my area has been magnified because Apple, in their arrogance, has eliminated the built-in modem for their latest line of computers. To do dial-up on a new MacBook, one has to purchase a Php4,000++ Apple USB modem. Well, I decided to make things better – at least for me.

I set up my old iBook (which still have those ever-useful built-in modem) to dial in to my ISP and I configured it to share its internet access through its built-in Wi-Fi adapter. So that’s basically it! I get to enjoy surfing the ‘net (at dial-up speed) from the comfort of my bedroom by basically converting my old iBook into a dial-up wireless access point!

Well, thinking back, this may not be the most cost-effective way to have Wi-Fi at home but then again, I already have my iBook at hand and I might as well use it to make things better for me. Besides, that’s what technology is supposed to do for techies like us… make things better for us.


This is zerious.

Microsoft’s insistence on welcoming you to the social isn’t all that neighborly after all. You’re supposedly able to wirelessly share music (well, at least for three days or three plays, whichever comes first) with other Zune owners, but it’s been discovered that over 40% of music tested refuse to squirt because of DRM.

Testing going on with Zune-centric zites sites (sorry, I’m trying to stop, but I can’t help it) like ZuneThoughts and Zunerama have revealed that a lot of music refuse to squirt over to other Zunes despite assurances from Microsoft that you can.

Particularly uncooperative are songs from Sony and Universal, with artists like JoJo, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Eminem, Snow Patrol, Ciara, Jay-Z and more.

Imagine working up the nerve, scooting over to a babe with a Zune (that such a creature would exist is possible, but not probable – bear with me) at Starbucks and saying, hey, I got this great Eminem song, you want a copy? and then failing miserably like the loser nerd you are.

Not very sociable, ain’t it?