Tech Fart

Well, it looks like the midterm election campaign this year will also be fought in cyberspace. A lot of senatorial candidates already have websites that showcase their grandstanding achievements. Some even have entries in Wikipedia, the leading “contributor-generated” encyclopedia that gets millions of hits daily.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In the past few weeks, my Gmail account has been receiving emails from certain “Kawal ng Mamamayang Pilipino” that contains propaganda information about the alleged corruption in the AFP. Those emails could be coming from one of the Oakwood mutineers who is also running for the Senate. Will this mean that my mailbox will suffer more SPAM from the others that have started to brush up their campaigns on the ‘net?

What’s next? Senatoriables as TXTMates?

This post was inspired by a news item in today’s INQUIRER.Net



Bryan Lee, the Microsoft executive responsible for the marketing of the Zune, resigned yesterday.

Lee was the corporate vice president for Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, and was in charge of marketing Microsoft’s digital music player.

According to Lee and Microsoft, his departure has “absolutely” nothing to do with the Zune’s poor sales, and is a purely personal decision.

As of the moment, the Zune has 10% of the market for digital media players in the United States, while Apple’s iPod has 85%, according to an NPD Group survey, while other more conservative surveys put the Zune dominance at 2%.

More details on Lee’s squirting out of Microsoft from MSNBC.