This is Philippine Week in Tech. Tech by Pinoys, for Pinoys. It’s an explicit, no-holds-barred blog about technology and geekdom in The Philippines.

For the curious, the PWiTs are, as of February 1, 2007:

Adel Gabot (reverseengineer) – Group Editor for Hinge Inquirer Publications. Editor-in-Chief of Mobile Philippines. Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine Philippines. Former Editor-in-Chief of Manual Magazine. Palanca Award Winner. Also The FM DJ Formerly Known As Little David.

Howard Paw (bogs11) – Editor-in-Chief, Game Magazine. Contributing Editor, Mobile Philippines. Proprietor, Digital Walker, Games & Gadgets, Digital Hub.

Jason de Villa (frugal traveler)- Contributing Editor, Mobile Philippines. Former Editor-in-Chief, mPH. Founder, MAPALAD. Professor, UAP.

Art Ilano – (Art) Editor-in-Chief, SME Insight. Former Editor-in-Chief, PC Magazine Philippines. Contributing Editor, Mobile Philippines. Professor, University of the Philippines. Palanca Award Winner.

Jose “Butch” Dalisay Jr. (penmanila) – Columnist, Philippine Star. Professor, University of the Philippines. Former Vice-Chancellor, University of the Philippines. Palanca Awards Hall-of-Famer. PWiT’s Idol.

Bernie Janda (Bernie) – Contributing Writer, Mobile Philippines, PC Magazine. Blogger, Talkin’ Tech. Network Security professional.

Gary Mercado – (Gary) Freelance Tech Writer, various publications. Blogger, various sites, including Movie Exchange Philippines.

Carlo German – Graphic artist par excellance. Magazine designer. Former moderator for the Philippine Mac Users Group and Gamer-at-Large

Vince Sales – Editor-in-Chief, T3 Magazine

Ed Geronia – (eddibreddi) Associate Editor, T3 Magazine; former Editor-in-Chief, GamesMaster Magazine

The PWiT Army is still growing, and we’re waiting for a few more to join us. Stay tuned.


7 Responses to “About Our PWIT”

  1. aor Says:


    dunno if you remember me. i was in your place in qc couple of times.

    anyway great stuff here! keep it up guys!

  2. Thanks! The first positive response! My memory fails me, as it usually does these days. Nudge it for me, please.

  3. media agency Says:

    when will be open for advertisements?

  4. Gary Mercado Says:

    ayan na! advertisers are a-knockin’. we await your direction adel o great and esteemed leader.

  5. bunny Says:

    The site is great. And I LOVE the name. Someone go tell Leo Laporte — I want to hear what he has to say. He’ll probably be so flattered, he’ll give this site a shout out.

  6. @bunny: Thanks, bunny! I’d like to hear what Leo thinks, too. We PWiTs are shy, though. But we wouldn’t mind if you or some other kind reader does it for us. *wink*

    @media agency: Hmmmm. We’re not doing this for the money (ahem) but some revenue would shore be useful for maintenance and upkeep, and for our free coffee when we get to hang around. When we set up our domain and cut the umbilical with WP, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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