I’m a big Lego nut. Even if I don’t have time to play with my bricks lately, I’ve loved Legos my whole life. I own the original Mindstorms kit, and have several Technics kits around the house and in my office. (Like some of the other PWiTs, I’m a big juvenile delinquent, actually. Right, bogs11?)

The other day, my photographer friend Toto Labrador gave me a heads-up on a new, fantastic kit that reawoke the kid in me: the Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon!

Hooo boy. This will officially be the first entry in the PWiT Toy Closet of Fame.

It’s literally the biggest Lego set ever made: 5195 pieces. Three feet long, with the works. Built to mini-figure scale. The Exclusive First Edition comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and is in limited production.

It ships on October 1, but you can pre-order already. US$499.

Man. I wish.