Microsoft has recently unveiled their latest Operating System for Mobile Phones, and honestly, I am a little bit excited.

From what I have read, here’s what I think will be the features of Windows Mobile 6 that we should be excited about.

  • Call history of each contact is now placed directly in their respective vCard – This will make it easier for me to see how many times Adel has harassed called me about writing deadlines.
  • A smart calendar view – If Microsoft is to be believed, this means I can look at a week’s worth of appointments and agendas with just one glance.
  • Built-in data encryption – Porn Data stored in a memory can can be easily encrypted. This also extends to the Exchange server for you corporate types.
  • Windows Live! Integration – For an MSN Messenger and Hotmail nut like me, this is awesome.
  • A better looking email client with HTML mail support – I’m not exactly down with the HTML support, but a better looking email client is always a boon.
  • New and improved MS Office suite – Better MS Word? I’m so over that like butter on bread.

And the best new “feature” of Windows Mobile 6 is:

  • Windows Vista compatibility – When in the world did this ever become a “feature”? Windows Mobile 6 should be Vista compatible since it is afterall a Microsoft product. It’s like Casio saying their Diver’s watches are *gasp* water-proof. Oh well, guess we Windows Mobile user should be grateful as Microsoft’s own Zune player wasn’t even initially Vista compatible.

Stupid “Vista compatible” feature aside, I have high hopes for Windows Mobile 6 and there’s a good chance I won’t be disappointed.