Quick & Dirty Tip:

It’s maddening to get a game and not know how to play it.

Doubly maddening if there isn’t even a manual handy. This is especially true for old legacy games, which is about all we can afford to get sometimes.

Well, I found something to solve this problem online. Just go to Replacementdocs: The Original Web Archive of Game Manuals. It’s a godsend for absentminded dorks like me!

As they say on the home page:

– Have you ever rented a game that came with no instructions?
– Have you ever bought a used game and found out later that the package you received didn’t come with an essential map or answers to copy protection questions required to play the game?
– Have you ever bought a re-released game and then realized that they only included an Installation Guide, no game instructions at all?
– Has your wife (or husband!) ever just thrown out all your game manuals because they thought “you didn’t need them anymore”?

This site is the answer to our problems.

As Borat would say (or maybe not, since he’s being sued for plagiarizing this saying at the moment), Wowoweewah!