Pardon the shameless plug, but I just can’t help myself.

 The first ever Crumpler Store in the Philippines is now open for business. My brother’s company has been distributing Crumpler bags for more than a year now, it has been available at our very own Digital Walker and Digital Hub stores from the get go and has been a success with our local tech communities. So my brother and the Crumpler guys from Australia has decided to open a brand store to well, promote the Crumpler brand.

So here it is, with a complete range of Crumpler bags plus a 3 feet tall Crumpler logo/mascot. Come visit the store guys cause for the whole month of February, anyone who buys from the Crumpler store will immediately get a 15% discount on their purchases. Good deal eh?

The Crumpler store is located at the Serendra (The Fort, besides Market Market), just right across the Krispy Kreme store. If you happen to see a short dude with long hair (me) or a tall guy and gal both with short hair (my brother Charles and his wife Anna), don’t be a stranger and say hi! We’ll give you some extra freebies like Crumpler stickers and refrigerator magnets.