After the insanely bloated retail prices of the PlayStation 3 last December, it’s good to see things simmer down a bit. The PS3 used to cost anywhere from 35K (20GB) to 60K (60GB) during the holiday rush. A high price to pay for a console with no real killer games, yet. I’ve managed to play Resistance: Fall of Man and comparing it to Gears of War is like comparing a shotgun to a rocket launcher.

Don’t get me wrong. The PS3 is a beautiful machine, probably as beautiful as a Lambo with an empty tank of gas. You can ride on it, it’ll make you terribly look good, but it won’t take you anywhere, at least until the good games come trickling in. It took the 360 almost a year until the good games came rolling out, and I estimate that Sony and its cohorts will take as long.

Still, if you can’t wait, here’s the good news. The PS3 is nearly as affordable as a 360. It can be had in the shops in V-Mall for as little as 26K. Games go anywhere from 3 to 4 grand. Blu-ray movies are 2 grand a pop. And don’t bother asking whether there’s a modchip out. There’s none yet and since blank Blu-ray discs cost around P1500 each (assuming they’re locally available), it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see Capt. Jack Sparrow’s associates peddling PS3 warez anytime soon.

If you know anyone in Japan who can snag a PS3 for you, all the better. It retails in Akihabara for 47K yen which is about 19K in our currency. Last Christmas, the Quixote chain of stores in Japan held a PS3 sale to the tune of $330 each. I’ll leave it up to you to calculate how much that is in pesos over at