I marvel at guys who can write anywhere and at anytime. I once saw Alex Villafania write a whole article on his Blackberry, while interviewing his subject and talking to me. This I cannot do. But because the coming summer has officially been declared as The Hottest Summer Ever, I’m going to have to leave the safe, familiar confines of my (very hot during the summer) workplace, and write, or at least try to write my articles, at the mall.

Not that I’ve not done this before. In fact, I’ve submitted many an article at conveniently located Netopias, usually in the mornings to avoid the constant warnings of “Fire in the hole!” from nearby juveniles.

But I digress. Now armed with a laptop, herewith are quick visual renditions of what imo are the ideal seating arrangements for a true Internet Cafe, starting with the non – ideal:

terrible conditions

In quick order, the ff. need to be addressed (inclusive of obvious, ie good coffee and strong wifi):

  • Elbow room – so you can actually swivel your arms as you type in a more naturelle position.
  • Thigh support – I read somewhere the best seats support the thick middle parts of your thighs, with your knees as high or below your seat. Makes sense.
  • Solid table with room for other stuff – Those low, round marble tables at many a cafe may look nice and save them space, but they’re no good when trying to read through the tons of dead trees PR firms like giving out.
  • A chair that you can sit on – Without falling over, or giving the impression that it will.
  • A power outlet – Optional depending on your machine. Mine being second hand, it will die on you if you make it do as much as read a CD, hence necessary.

And no, contrary to the name I don’t like putting a laptop on my lap. The thing gets hot, and hot, as I mentioned in my first paragraph, is what we’re trying to avoid here. Once above issues are addressed, here we have our happy camper:

ideal conditions

The point of this post? Well to help guide cafe owners as to how to properly seat deadbeat, pre – owned laptop bearing customers such as I. Fat chance, but hey it’s worth a shot. If I could find a place that’d fit the bill there’s no reason why I’d not end up working there all the time.

Images courtesy of the visual wizardry that is MSPaint.