Quick Accessory Rave:

Gary’s post about plans to work outside his comfort zone reminds me that its something I’ve already been doing for the longest time. I love it, but it has some side effects I don’t like too much. Like temperature probs.

I tend to work in odd places with my Powerbook, with the end result being the Mac tends to heat up some, especially if the coffee shop has less than artic ventilation. I sometimes get so wrapped up writing I tend not to notice that the Mac is getting warmer and warmer until I hear the cooling fan kick on. It gets as hot as 60 degrees centigrade before the fan starts to spin, afterwards hovering around as high as 58 or so even with the internal ventilation.

Fellow PWiT frugal traveler gave me a cooling device some time ago that has three fans that suck up the heat from the underside of the Mac and blows out the back, and at the same time lifts the butt of the Powerbook off the table for better air circulation. I used to ignore these things at the cyber malls, considering them to be nothing more than exploitware. I am now hereby eating my words, with a generous dash of habanero sauce.

The cooling device takes its power from a free USB port. Its effect is dramatic – in five minutes the temp drops from 62 to 48! So it draws air out, raises the back end of the laptop for better circulation – and triples as a USB hub, adding four new ports to the mix as atonement for taking up one.

I’m now a big fan of these fan things. Wish I had them ever since. My only problem is I can never remember to bring it with me. Everyone with a laptop should have one of these.

Coolness. Literally.