Been getting lotsa nice feedback about this blog, but there is still the occasional comment that goes “do you have to call it …that?”

Was chatting with Gary the other day and I asked him about our name, and he has no problem with it; crazy raconteur Howard had at first, which surprised me because if you knew bogs11 at all, you’d know he’d be the first to say Kiss my pwit! Personally, I love it because it’s edgy, easy to remember and is a conversation piece, which is always good if you’re building up an audience. Besides, I love the endless double-entendres and puns we can make.

Having been woken up at an odd hour yesterday by my Golden Retriever Bobby asking for a scratch, I couldn’t get back to sleep and decided to look around the net for other people’s pwits. I found a lot.

Apparently, aside from being the name of a tech blog or sounding like the Tagalog word that means buttocks, PWiT is also:

The band you wish you’d never heard about. Put together in 1995, Pwit is composed of Bob, Jeff and Jorge. Apparently they are the band without a face, nor songs. Hrm.

The Power and Water Institute of Technology. This Teheran, Iran-based PWiT is actually named the Power and Water University of Technology (PWuT), but for some reason everyone in Teheran says Institute. Iranian geeks. Go figure.

Powder/Wire-in-Tube. This pwit is a multifilamentary superconducting Bi-2333 tape. Don’t look at us; we’re not that geeky.

Abby, the Pastor’s Wife in Training. Her handle on her Xanga blog is futurepastorswife. It’s the first known instance of religious pwit.

A derogatory term that means Pure White Inbred Trash. Bad pwit. Bad.

A cute lapel pin for Wiccans that says “Witches Heal” and sells for$1.50 online. Pagan pwit. Or something like that. I don’t know anything about these things.

A nice wicker double-seat chair for twin babies that is available online for $229, with an angled seat and decorative back and arms for support. Washable pad and Velcro safety strap are included. Cute pwit.

An emergency response system used in the UK. The Public Warning & Information by Telephone system is real good pwit.

The sound a dotterel makes. Bird pwit.

So as you can see, we’re not alone. These are just a few of the examples of internet pwits. There’s plenty of pwit around if you know where to look. (Gad, you can really find anything on the net these days, huh?)