Reports have it that the newly released Microsoft Vista doesn’t make nice with iTunes 7.0.2.

If you upgrade from Windows XP to Vista, your iTunes won’t be able to play your purchased music (if you have any, that is). Bummer. It’s a highly specialized problem to be sure – you’ve got to be one of the few Pinoys who’ve already upgraded to Vista by now, and at the same time a Pinoy who can actually buy stuff off of the iTunes Store – at this time there can’t be many of these poor unfortunate creatures. But theoretically they can, or probably will, exist.

If you’re one of these rare breed (or will be in the near future), fear not. Download your solution here.

Sadly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are currently several other big issues between iTunes and iPods and Microsoft’s new OS, including the possibility of corrupting your iPod from within Vista if you use the Safely Eject Hardware command to disconnect your player (use iTunes itself through the Eject iPod command from the Controls menu instead), or being unable to sync info like contacts and calendars, and more. Apple‘s working on fixing the problems though.

Haaay. Part of the expected upgrade blues. We’ll have to live with these things for a while.