I guess this is how the Engadget guys feel live-blogging from Macworld in San Francisco. Cool.

I’m blogging this live from the Rizal Ballroom of the Shang Makati. PWiT is attending the industry launch of Microsoft Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007, represented by myself, Game‘s Howard Paw and T3‘s Ed Geronia. (I’m actually risking my life to do this, using a Macintosh in a ballroom that’s so thoroughly Microsoft country, so bear with me.)

The Keynote was just delivered by Southeast Asian Microsoft President Chris Atkinson, and for a minute there I thought it was Steve Ballmer, the way he was jumping up and down at the beginning of his speech. Interspersed with practical demos by Jojo Ayson and pretaped video clips, he spoke about the philosophy and ideology behind Vista. Let me just say it was a good thing I had coffee.

To get a feel for the general temperature of the event, let me quote TJ Javier, Managing Director for Microsoft Philippines, who gave us the word for the day in his Welcome Remarks: LOVE. Launch of Office, Vista and Exchange.

More later, if the wifi holds up.