Quick & Dirty Tip:

Have you ever borrowed someone else’s iPod and thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could play the music on my computer’s big speakers? I mean, without actually transferring them to your hard disk or buying one of them expensive iPod HiFi speakers – and play them directly from the iPod itself through your laptop or desktop?

It’s possible. All you need is Senuti.

Senuti is freeware that lets you restore your iTunes library from your iPod to your Mac after a hard disk mishap. (We won’t get into what other folk really use Senuti for, but you can figure out what by yourself and we don’t need to spell it out. This tip is just a pleasant side benefit.)

All you need do is install Senuti, then connect your friend’s pod to your Mac (you did understand that this is a Mac-only tip, right?). Unlike similar software like PodWorks, Senuti‘s got a bonus – its interface is just like iTunes, and it lets you play everything on the foreign iPod as if you owned the thing.

So now you can grab anyone’s iPod at the office, connect it to your Mac and quickly play it like a jukebox without the added hassle brought on by DRM. That’s it, pancit. As for Senuti‘s other uses, well, that’s up to you and yours.

By the way, what’s up with the weird subject header for this post, you ask? It’s related to Senuti’s weird name. Figure it out.

Requirements: iPod, Mac, Mac OS X 10.3 or better, Senuti