There are ony 2 ways with which I enter data into my PDA/Smartphone; via a hardware QWERTY keyoard, or if that’s not available, via the FITALY software input method.

What in the world is FITALY? Let me give you a small background.


FITALY is one of those very very old on-screen keyoard software which harkens back to the days of the Palm V, of course back in those days, you’ll have to actually order the FITALY sticker and paste it onto the Palm V’s silk screened graffiti area. Nowadays, it installs into your device and replaces whatever default on screen input method you have.

The concept of FITALY is to reduce stylus movement by placing the most used letters together at the center of its keyboard, thus in theory, making stylus tapping faster. Does this software and the theory working around it actually work in real life usage? Having been using FITALY for more than 5 years now, I’d have to say yes. I’ve tried all sort of soft input method, from letter recognizers to Palm’s much praised Graffiti system, and I find FITALY to be the most efficient of them all. If you’ll look around the web for reviews of the FITALY software, you can see that I’m not alone. Some people, who are really good at FITALY, can crunch as much as 55 words per minute using it. I’ve personally clocked at around 35-40 words per minute.

“But bogs, if FITALY is so good, how come I’ve never heard or seen anyone use it”?

A Fair question my good friend and one easily answered. FITALY’s efficient concept comes at a steep price, and it’s a price that only patient people can pay. It took me actually close to 2 months to master the FITALY keyboard, a barkada of mine got the hang of it in a month. Not everyone has the patience to learn it.

Message to Adel

If you’re a Pocket PC or Tablet PC user, I urge you to give it a try (The Palm version of FITALY has been discontinued), this is one of those seldomly used/heard software that is totally worth it to use. Beside, what’s a better way to show off your geekiness than by using a weird keyboard layout? Normal people might actually think you’re a robot or something.