At the risk of supporting the theory that PWiT is in fact a Mac website in disguise, may I just report that Apple Inc. is planning on holding an Apple Special Event on Feb. 20. Time, venue and agenda are as yet unconfirmed. There is precedent. They held an ASE a month after last year’s Macworld as well, to announce the Intel mini. I suspect this one will be to announce everything else Steve Jobs didn’t say last Macworld to make way for that damned iPhone. Sort of like a very delayed “…and one more thing.”

Most likely he’ll announce the new iLife and iWork, and release or announce the official release date of OS X Leopard (10.5), plus updates to the Mac line. Dare we hope for a widescreen multi-touch iPod upgrade?

On the other side of the coin (and to balance this out), members of PWiT have been invited by Microsoft Philippines to attend the official by invitation only and lunch will be served Philippine launch of Windows Vista, Exchange Server 2007 and Office 2007 next Thursday at the Makati Shang. As the invite says: On February 1, 2007 the Philippines joins the rest of the world for the largest and most important software launch in history

The Keynote will be delivered by Microsoft Southeast Asia President Chris Atkinson, presumably not in a black mock turtleneck and jeans. PWiTs present will give you blow-by-blow reports then (live, if the Shang Wifi will be on).

UPDATE: Apparently this one is an industry launch. There will be a grand launch for the general public at the Mall of Asia on Saturday the 3rd.