Since this is a Mac website, I thought I’d write about the cute and cuddly Titanium Powerbook G4 lent to me by my client. Oh ok, it wasn’t lent. It’s busted, showing a spinning globe at bootup, which eventually goes onto the OS but takes a while. Oh, sorry, that’s ‘spinning beachball’ to Mac users, inspite of the fact that certainly looks like a globe to me.

At any rate, off I go tomorrow to have it fixed. I could probably give it a long hard try to fix it myself, but I do not have a long, hard amount of time to do so, and besides I’m going somewhere close to P. Guevarra San Juan tomorrow, and my client is willing to pay so why not.

And that’s a big difference between Mac and PC users right there. If I couldn’t fix it myself, I’d be bringing my PC to any of the ubiquitous technicians I can trust, get their opinion, spend a reasonable amount of money, and I’d be spinning out of there with little clouds of dust behind my feet, birds chirping in the trees across a rainbowed sky, happiness all around at the immediate result. With these things, I have to go to a specific place and fit it in my sched, which is likely gonna cost an arm and a leg (or an arm and a leg to me and not my moneyed client), spend an appreciable amount of time getting it fixed, and the only thing spinning is that dang globe beachball.

Oh I know I know, I don’t know that it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg, and I don’t know it’s gonna take a long time. But it’s just.. I feel like it will, just because this is a Mac. Not a PC, which I can take apart and put together again and make go faster blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back playing the banjo, but a Mac. It’s special, see? So you pay. And pay good and dearly.

Why in the heck would I want one?


On the bright side, however, in the short amount of time I had with it, I wrote two long articles at Figaro Rob. Galleria, and marvelled at the fact that’s the first time I ever did on a laptop, in a coffee shop, at a noisy mall, just like the commercials said I should. As I wrote on my blog, this thing is a Perfect Writing Machine. Of course that’s subjective. But I’d be surprised if I didn’t find others who’d agree, like on this blog for example.

But seriously. That clickety clack and tight feel of a well made keyboard. The uncluttered look of the screen, not to big to distract you, not to small to be difficult to read. That smooth feel of ‘titanium’ or what feels like it as I slide my calloused paws across its gleaming metal skin.

Oh I know I know, I once raved about a Fujitsu with the same size and weight, and the Acer Ferrari looks fast sitting still with the lid closed, but this, this is special. After all, it’s a Mac. Not some cheap, generic sweat shop product. It’s smooth and the anti-aliased screen makes everything seems so clear and you wonder why computers aren’t made this way because certainly, if they were to design it again, shouldn’t it be made like this? Shouldn’t all your things make you feel it, and consequently what you do on it, is special? And that’s likely what made me want to use it so much, which was I wrote those articles, and why I’m writing this blogpost now, on it. It’s smooth. And easy. And just.. nice.

I really really want one.