I finally have in my hands the much awaited expansion to the insanely World of Warcraft MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). And people who know me can tell you that I’m absolutely addicted to it. Prior to the expansion’s release, I’ve been reading up about every leak and details about it to prepare myself for it.

Now as the time has come, do I immediately jump into it? Well, not exactly. You see, my brother (who’s also a WoW player) just came back home from Canada and with him, he brought along a couple of knick knacks to help us with our imminent invasion of the Burning Crusade.

The ZBoard pictured right here is one of the best customizable gamer keyboard currently available, buying the basic set will net you the ZBoard main keyboard and a custom layout for first person shooters. Now WoW isn’t a first person shooter type game so this obviously isn’t a good fit. Well let’s just see what happens once I snap on the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Limited Edition Custom Keyboard Layout.

ZOMGWTF! Now here’s a keyboard that’s made for World of Warcraft! For the none gamers out there, ZOMGWTF means “Zoh my god what the f*ck“. And no, I have no idea why they put the letter “Z” at the start of that statement

But if you think that buying a custom keyboard for a single game is too much, wait till you see the thick World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Official Game Guide that my brother brought along as well.

Demented obsession? Perhaps. But I have no time to argue with you about the merits/demerits of WoW as I am about to embark on a fantastic journey beyond the Dark Portal! To my fellow WoW players, log on to the Barthilas server and look for a Blood Elf Paladin named Testament, let’s go questing together. To the people who think that I should get a life for playing too much WoW, let me leave you a quote from Adel; “Here’s some lemons, go suck on them”.