Yes, I am an Apple fanboy. Yes, my first thought upon seeing Apple’s iPhone was “Jeez, I wonder how much I can sell my Treo 650 for?” But perhaps it’s a good thing I didn’t have an internet connection during the days after the iPhone announcement, and was spared the gushing comments by fellow fanboys and the irrational exuberance of stock market analysts and investors (Apple’s stock went up while Palm and RIM’s got hammered). CNet’s Crave blog lists thirteen reasons to doubt the iPhone hype, and while most of the content seems to be just an attempt to say something different, I think at least three of them are valid.

1. No 3G. In a country where hotspots are hard to come by, the most practical way of going online when you’re away from home, the office, or some hotspot is through the cellular network. And since Smart has dropped its data rates to P10/30 minutes whether you use GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSDPA, the faster your connection the better.

2. No third party apps, for now at least. I don’t think I can dispense with an offline HTML and RSS reader (iSilo), a text editor and a spreadsheet (Documents to Go), a diary-type application (DayNotez), a souped-up to-do list and outliner (Shadow Plan), a multi-city subway guide (MetrO). I think each smartphone user will have at least half a dozen apps that he can’t live without.

3. No real keyboard. I used to shudder at the thought of using a QWERTY keyboard with keys that are smaller than a SMINT mint, but with practice I’ve realized that it’s way faster than using a stylus. I can’t imagine how I’m going to do SMS and enter long strings of text for taking notes and composing email with the onscreen keyboard. For a country that sends more SMS messages a day than some European countries do in an entire year, an onscreen keyboard might keep buyers away.

I’ve no doubt that I will eventually get an Apple iPhone, but I’m definitely passing on this particular iteration.