Just for the record, PWiT isn’t Apple country.

Some folk (Howard Paw the noisiest among them) have noted that for some reason, Apple posts predominate here, and it’s staffed by Mac evangelists, fanboys and Steve Jobs groupies. Not true.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. It just so happened PWiT got rolling about the same time as Macworld in San Francisco, so a lot of the noise has been about that damned iPhone, which singlehandedly eclipsed the bigger, better and more substantial CES in Las Vegas. When the hype dies down, so will our posts. Or vice-versa. (Then again, when the sniping begins, we’ll be posting those too. And when it’s released in June …oh, well.)

2. I’m one of only two serious Apple fanboys in the bunch (Butch Dalisay is the other one – and he’s the bigger one by far). I was the previous Chairman of the Philippine Mac Users Group for two years and have been using Apple products since the Apple II in the early 80s. Other PWiTs come close, like Jason de Villa, but most of the guys are atheistic in this sense, even if they use Macs. PWiT Bernie Janda is gleefully platform-polygamous, but owns an old iBook and is lusting after a MacBook Pro at the moment. (However, being journalists, Butch and I try to remain always objective and are conscious of our addiction and trying to keep it under control.)

3. Face it. A lot of the movement in the industry these days is instigated by Apple Inc., whether you like it or not. These days everyone kinda just reacts to what the people at Cupertino do. We couldn’t stop covering them if we wanted to.

4. This is PWiT. Live and let live.

Yun lang.