I admit, I am one of the most disorganized person I know. I have the attention span of a 7 year old and I have very poor short term memory. This is a problem I acknowledge that and I have been searching high and low for ways to alleviate, if not solve, this problem.

Around a year or two ago, I “discovered” GTD. I’ve been trying to adopt some GTD principles in my life and I have found that if I stick to it, I get more things done despite of my “problem”. However, this also sparked other problems: How do I bring my GTD thingies with me?

My first attempt was to use a TiddlyWiki-based GTD aptly called GTDTiddlyWiki. It worked fine for me since I can put it in a flasdrive and run it on any computer I’m using through PortableFireFox. I can also use it in my iBook (soon to be a MacBook but that’s a different post altogether). The problem with this setup is that I don’t have access to GTDTiddlyWiki all the time. So after a few weeks of using GTDTiddlyWiki, I ended up abandoning it.

Enter Jello.Dashboard2. This is an MS Outlook-based GTD that *may* solve my conundrum. Jello.Dashboard uses MS Outlook’s features (mail, calendar, tasks, notes and journal) and displays it in a neat “homepage” within Outlook. Tasks can be created, edited and updated using Outlook. It is also “lightweight” because there’s no actual need to install Jello.Dashboard, just a few minor tweaks in Outlook’s configuration.


What I love about using Jello.Dashboard is that I can now sync my tasks/contexts into *both* my Palm Treo650 and my Moto RAZR V3x (via Motorola Phone Tools). Now I can update my tasks even if I’m away from my computer!

Hopefully with this setup, I can get more things done and at the same time make sure that my deadlines are all monitored and met.

Jello.Dashboard is “donationware” and can be downloaded here.

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