What in blazes does that mean?!?

First of all, thank you to reverseengineer for inviting me over to this very – first group – blog – I’ve – ever joined group blog. Such esteemed names all over, I am flattered.

So anyway back to the topic at hand. What, again, could getting ‘welcomed’ into a ‘social’ possibly mean? I’m sure I could get an explanation around the ‘net if I tried hard enough, but the ‘net’s really slow, and besides, when you make a slogan for something, it would befit the product of that slogan for said slogan to make sense, so as to avoid having people, such as myself, ask what it means. Bereft of said meaning, I therefore find it fitting to do the obvious: Make fun of it Make my own interpretation. To wit:

  1. You are now part of an ‘IT’ group. No, not Information Technology, you twit. More like a member of an elite group relating to or belonging to or characteristic of high society. Being part of this group, you are therefore dressed well, look cool, and get photographed a lot mingling with beautiful people. As I describe these, you should be hearing some form of Paul Van Dyke techno-beat in the background.
  2. Whereas before you were alone and lonely, you are now, by virtue of your device, welcome to a lifestyle where you actually interact with people. Which is ok per se, otherwise if it is the main reason to buy said device as the slogan suggests, then the term to describe you would be ‘loser’.
  3. Whether a ‘Social’ is a state of mind, or a group of old ladies in petticoats who meet periodically for afternoon tea, (which is the closest image that comes to mind when I think of a ‘Social’), or an aging society matron who spends her time attending lavish parties and getting her photograph in the lifestyle sections of newspapers (the 2nd closest image that comes to mind when I think of a ‘Social’), I am unsure.

If by deduction you realize that none of these reasons have anything to do with music, a music player, or a music player with some level of sophistication that would merit excitement for me to try and use, such as, oh say, ease of use, capacity, affordability, or some such new innovation that would better make me enjoy it, then you are right.

If again you deduce that I am rather turned off at the idea that a device would henceforth promise upon purchase the improvement of my human relations, or insinuate that it stands some improvement to begin with, and that again, I would need a device for such, then right you are again.

They can change that, right? Is it not too late to change that?