ZuneIt was early in the morning when I received an SMS from my brother (who’s in the US now attending CES), asking if I wanted to “pabili” a Zune. I actually took pause to give it a few minutes of thoughts before replying “wag na lang”.

I’m quite happy with my iPod Video and with my impending return the Mac OS via a Macbook Pro, it just makes more sense to keep the iPod than get a non iTunes compatible Media player. Now if I wasn’t planning on getting a Mac portable, I would eagerly get a ZUNE cause unlike the majority, I happen to think that the ZUNE is a good device. Yes, I was like the rest of you when I first heard of the Zune’s wonky DRM scheme but after thinking about it further, I’m quite ok with what the Zune has to offer. How much is Microsoft paying me to say this? How I wish I was getting paid to shill stuff. No, I honest to goodness think the Zune is quite good.

Now walk with me as I try and debunk the top 4 criticism against the Zune.

It’s stupid how a product from Microsoft isn’t compatible with the latest Windows OS.
As of this writing, Microsoft has already released a patch for Vista that makes the Zune compatible with it.

The Zune will put DRM on any audio/video content that I put on it even though I legally own said files. Blasphemy! My music yearns to be free!
I agree that it is stupid that DRM is applied to any media file stored in the Zune, even license free Podcasts, music and user generated content isn’t free from this “feature”. But so what if the files are DRM’ed? Should it bother you since your only going to listen to it on the Zune? Do you go around town putting those music/videos on your iPod on every computer that you see? If you said “yes” to that last question, you should go to hell. I think it we’re all in agreement here that stealing of intellectual content is bad hence you shouldn’t be sharing those Air Supply songs anyway.

The main problem I can see with the DRM is when you want to share a Podcast with one of your friends since media files transferred from a Zune to another Zune can only be played three times. But since most people listen to a particular Podcast only once, the Zune’s DRM scheme is again a non issue. If you would honestly analyze the way a person would typically use any portable media player, the Zune’s protective scheme is not deterrent to one’s viewing and listening pleasure.

Who in their right minds would sell a brown colored device?! Flush it!
Color preference is a personally choice and while some people detest the color brown, some actually likes it. If this is your best argument as to why the Zune sucks, you should definitely go to hell for being a nit picky prick.

If it’s from Microsoft, then it must be bad!
Yeah, and your mom’s so ugly that powdering her face with crushed asbestos is actually an improvement. See how this is going nowhere? It’s hard to reason against people who have a set opinion against a certain company so I’ll leave this at that not because I don’t have the inclination or tenacity to sling mud with fanboys, but it’s because I think that mom joke I just made up is quite good.

Did this post made any sense? Comment away guys! If my brother does buy a Zune for himself, I’ll tinker with it and write a short review of it here.