We like.

That’s why.

Most of us belong to the media entity known as Hinge Inquirer Publications (because some dorks from there originated this), but we will be inviting other tech writers and geeks, some cranky, some not, from other companies. Summit, ABS-CBN Publishing, Media G8way, Inq7, etc. So we get all points of view, from people with different strengths. This community blog is non-denominational, but completely evangelical as far as tech is concerned.

It’s a tech blog. For the Philippines.

So we’ll speak geek here, in the various nerd dialects, with no apologies. In Tagalog, too, sometimes. Sori nalang mga poren-gers.

We’ll call spades spades, and occasionally be NSFW. We’ll not be afraid to talk over your heads, or below them. We can shoot things down, or champion our personal causes. We’ll let our hair down mostly. We’ll antagonize some people, sure. But we’ll always be honest, and true to ourselves.

If we get advertising, fine. If not …well, we’ll get over it somehow. We all have related jobs elsewhere anyway.

We’re here to discuss things things that interest us, to rant and rave, to talk nonsense or to change the world, or at least our part of it.

Which brings us to why we have to make one like this, when there are sites like CNet, or ZDNet, and blogs like Engadget or Gizmodo and any number of geek havens.

Because the Philippines is a unique and strange place.

We are a Third World country with a few embarrassingly rich people, and millions of soul-drainingly poor ones, and everyone in between. Here, gadgets are overpriced, but we buy what we can. Suppliers, distributors and importers don’t prioritize us with releases and supply. We get short shrift from most of the First World as far as tech is concerned, and are low on the totem pole. Our own government is antagonistic to us geeks (as it is to everyone else).

But we make do with what we have, and make the most of what we get. And fight for more.

We lust after the new and take good care of the old.

We pretend we’re as smart and as knowledgeable as our foreign geek counterparts (for the most part we are anyway, only they have more toys, dress better and have wifi everywhere; lamang lang sila ng dalawang paligo).

Sarsi, the drink of championsWe will feature gadgets. Software. Games. Operating Systems. Toys. Sci-fi movies. Comic books. Cellphones. PDAs. Internet stuff. Macs. PCs. PS3s. Wiis. 360s. ‘Nix. Videos. DVDs. Books. TV Shows. Anime. Accessories. Sarsi. Kropek. Things that geeks live for.

We’ll talk about each other too. We’ll kid, we’ll berate, we’ll congratulate. All in the name of camaraderie and comradeship.

That’s basically it. When tech-related things happen here in the Philippines, we’ll discuss it.

We’ll talk about what happens abroad too, especially if it affects us here.

If it’s about tech in this country, or general geekdom, it’ll be here. We’re Pinoy, baby.

It’s going to be fun. Join us.

It’s your Philippine Week in Tech.

Welcome to our PWiT.